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Keep Active, Stay Healthy

At Ethan Place Assisted Living Community we offer several ideas, tips, and activities that can provide mental stimulation and keep your wits sharp for years to come. You can count on us to provide top quality care for your senior relatives and loved ones. Avoiding any age-related declines in cognitive functions is an important factor in the battle against dementia.

Activities We Offer

  • Gardening Club
  • Board & Card Games
  • Art Club
  • Daily Walks
  • Backyard Lawn Games
  • Book Club
  • Wii Sports Games
  • Sitting Aerobics
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Community Outreach Programs
  • Day At The Movies
  • Spa Days
  • Shopping Outings
    (We Call It Retail Therapy)
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Keeping Active Can Be A Challenge

1. Get Playful

Playing games has proven to be very helpful as a form of mental exercise. Puzzles, board games, cards, and other game activities increase mental acuity whether done virtually or in-person. Technology has made it easy to try a variety of games that suit any personality or preference. Ask a grandchild to help you download the latest brain games, or stick with the tried-and-true options like crossword puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, or rummy.

2. Get Creative

Activities like art and music can have a positive effect on mental clarity and sharpness. Try drawing, painting, scrapbooking, woodworking, knitting, or photography. Engaging in these activities on a regular basis is the perfect blend of usefulness and creativity for active senior minds. Music is another fantastic way to exercise cognitive skills. If you already play an instrument or sing, make practicing and performing a daily habit. If you don’t, now might be the perfect time to learn a new hobby!

3. Get Moving

Daily exercise is good for everyone, at every age. Senior living doesn’t have to mean being passive. There are a variety of activities that can get you up and moving. This helps to stimulate creative thinking skills because endorphins are being released into the brain. Try walking, water aerobics, tennis, golf, or hiking. As with any exercise, check with your doctor to make sure the activity is right for your current fitness and health.

4. Get Innovative

Did you know that making simple changes to daily routines can improve cognitive skills in seniors? A simple action like brushing your hair or teeth with your non-dominant hand can have a significant impact. Try other activities as well, like writing with or dialing a number with your non-dominant hand. Do you always put your pants or shoes on in the same way? Try mixing it up, making small changes can improve your mental well-being.

5. Get A Green Thumb

Most seniors are deficient in vitamin D, so simply getting a little extra sun can give your brain a boost. Gardening combines cognitive activities for the elderly – such as coordinating what to plant, how much fertilizer to use, and how frequently to water – with the stress-relieving benefits that come with gardening in general. According to a recent study, gardening can significantly reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

What Are Cognitive Skills?

Cognitive skills are the ability of the brain to process information using all of the senses available. These skills allow people to talk, think, read, and recall things from memory. It is incredibly important to keep these skills active. Try some of the activities mentioned, or you can even get involved with:

  • Painting
  • Reading
  • Exercise
  • Conversation
  • Dancing
  • Arts & Crafts

We Understand & We Care

All of us at Ethan Place Assisted Living want to help seniors live a healthy and active life during their golden years. Call us today, and we’ll help create a plan for care that includes everything that will be needed.

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85 Ethan St
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P: (401) 781-5460
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